Hey there! I am regular dude from the UK called Steve (aka Kodaloid).

When I’m not working at my 9-5 as a web developer, or fragging noobs with my brothers and playing hello neighbor with my nephew. I hang out at home in my custom studio working on all sorts or unusual and wonderful things such as coding computer games & software, building custom games consoles, repairing vintage computers, learning how to 3D print, and brewing fancy coffee (can you tell that i’m a millennial?)

I began building this site late 2018 as a way of sharing my various passions with the world. Although some of it is more fun than anything, I have a real intention on publishing software that people will genuinely be interested in, and I’m really looking forward to sharing more about that as things go forward.

If you are to follow anything that I am currently working on, I recommend watching the ongoing progress of Xentu, which is a game engine I’ve been working on for literally 10 years! It went Open Source early this year, and I’m really proud of where things are going with it.

Keeping Up To Date

If you would like to keep up to date on my adventures, I have a YouTube channel that you can subscribe too where I post videos every so often on various things. However I post more often on my mailing list where I also include a digest of the most recent posts on this site, so please submit your email address to the form on the sidebars to enroll onto the newsletter.

Emails are sent out by Google FeedBurner once a week, however you will be alerted if this frequency changes.

Getting In Contact

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please use the contact form below.