Hey there! My name is Steve (aka Kodaloid) and I am a UK based software engineer. There is not a lot to tell you about me to be honest, apart from I really enjoy programming, and always wish to do good with the skills that I have.

I’ve built this site to enable me to provide a way to share software, utilities, games, and guides on how I create the aforementioned. It is my aim to build software that will not only be useful, but fun, and possibly useful enough to help people solve a number of fundamental problems or obstacles. Where I provide guides, I wish to provide them in as concise and intuitive manner, and I think once you read a few you will understand what I am trying to achieve.

I wholeheartedly think that there is a lot that I can contribute to this world, and this site is something I believe will enable me to start down the right path.

Core Beliefs

Although I have learnt my craft on Windows based systems, my heart is in cross platform. This also means that I am a supporter of the free software movement, however I take a slightly different stance when it comes to source and licensing.

To me there seems to be an over bearing push towards Open Source at the moment. For the most part I agree on it’s merits, and you will see that for a large majority of the work I do I will publish it as such. However for a number of my projects I elect to close source either because I want to build something without interference from a 3rd party, or I wish to protect something I believe should remain distinct to myself. 

Keeping Update

If you would like to keep up to date on my adventures, I have a YouTube channel that you can subscribe too where I post videos every so often giving tutorials on various things. However I post more often on my mailing list where I also include a digest of the most recent posts on this site, so please submit your email address to the form on the sidebars to enrol onto the newsletter.

Emails are sent out by google feedburner one a day, however you will be alerted if this frequency changes.

Getting In Contact

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please use the contact form below.