Xentu Website Progress

Great news! I am making lots of progress on the Xentu game engine website, and should be setting it live this Wednesday. It’s been consuming a lot of development time from the last three weeks. So it’s such a relief to be able to reach this milestone. The website will be a home for people […]

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Working on the Xentu website…

Whilst I updated this site this week, I also decided to put some effort into finishing the design of the new Xentu website. One thing that is holding me back from completing the task though is good artwork. See no matter how strong of an engine Xentu becomes, I doubt anyone will care unless I […]

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It’s Been A While, time for a new Game Engine!

Things have been quiet around here for the last few months, however a lot of work has gone into projects as promised such as the Game Engine that I teased. If you take a look around, you’ll find that there has been some tidying up. The about section has been updated, and the link to […]

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