Finally building in Visual Studio!

After putting a lot of thought into it, it seems really dumb that I used the hpp file format for header files. It looks out of place, but also it’s completely opposite to what people expect when looking at source for a project. Anyway, after spending 30 minutes renaming and fixing all the linkage issues, […]

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Looking towards the future.

Today I’ve been focusing on an idea I concluded on Saturday after many weeks of pondering. Basically I want the prooject to have a set of core princaples to make sure that the project always stays on track. I think by doing so, it’ll also help describe what makes the project/engine different to others. In […]

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Still dealing with CMake issues…

So tonight I learnt a lesson about rushing things. Although CMake was set-up and working for the build, there were many situations (like trying to open the folder in Visual Studio) where CMake would just throw a tantrum. I originally learnt how to get CMake working, by reading a blog post at the following URL: […]

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