Incbin Problems

Implemented incbin, which was a bit of a nightmare for the MSVC side. Currently MSVC does not compile inline, so Visual Studio complains about linker errors. I’ve added another executable process to CMake so that incbin.exe can be built, and apparently that should do the trick, however the few times I’ve tried to compile assets […]

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The Audio Global

Ok so today I finally tackled the sound system once more. Since I updated the coding style for lua scripts, the sound system was left out due to how complicated it is. However I now that if I’m to make further progress on the todo list, the audio system will need to work properly. So […]

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Understanding Inline Resources

Tonight I decided to work on fixing an issue with file paths. The other day I realised that hard coding relative paths had a downside, in that there is no flexibility for if the Game.lua for example is within the same path, in a subdirectory, or somewhere else. So tonight I added a new part […]

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