The Audio Global

Ok so today I finally tackled the sound system once more. Since I updated the coding style for lua scripts, the sound system was left out due to how complicated it is. However I now that if I’m to make further progress on the todo list, the audio system will need to work properly.

So today I spent 4 hours finishing things up. The global audio is now available, and the following was sorted:

  • Decided on what to do with music. Considering that MiniAudio automatically chooses weather to stream a file or not already, I decided to instead focus on working on the mixer side of things instead. Now, sounds and music are all on the same table.
  • Added one of the royalty free songs I have into the data folder so that I can test longform audio playback.
  • Added the ability to stop an audio track from playing.
  • Added a struct array to hold state and property information for mixer channels.
  • You can now set the volume per mixer channel.

I also updated MiniAudio to the latest version!