Long time no see, but good things are on the way!

It’s been a while since I posted a blog entry, sorry about that! Oh and happy new year! Good news though, there is some big announcements due on the horizon, and I’m pretty excited to see how everyone will react when the time comes.

Since the last time I posted, I’ve actually done a few things. Lost a bunch of weight, got the graphics card I was pining and waiting so long for (was very lucky in landing a ASUS 3080), and climbed my first mountain named Helvellyn (that’s what the photo is about in todays post).

Going in to 2022

Google FeedBurner has unfortunately gone the way of the dinosaur, so my to move with the times, I am scrapping the newsletter in favour of more regular updates on this blog. For small social stuff you should follow me on Twitter @kodaloid_dev as that’s where most of the interesting stuff coming in the next week or two will appear first.

In personal related news, after a lot of unnecessary pain, I’ve finally managed to get hold of a legitimate Code Signing certificate for my software! The pain part came from trying to do this all on Windows 11 which no longer has support for Internet Explorer of all things…

Tip; if you somehow come across this post while trying to get your own, make sure you generate your CSR & private key manually. You will need to convert the resulting certificate to PEM format. Then combine the PEM file, with private key to get a PFX out. Then you can install into your certificate store without a compatible browser to do the heavy lifting. I can’t believe this took me 3 days to figure out!

Anyway this a big deal as now when I publish software, there will be a stamp proving who built it, and will give the reassurance that the software has come from a legitimate source. It helps in many ways, not to mention publishing to platforms that actually require a certificate like Android or the Microsoft Store. Perhaps I’ll finally make the effort to publish one of the several app’s I’ve made in recent years lol.

Anyway this was meant to be a brief one, please make sure to follow on Twitter if you haven’t already, and see you again shortly.