Xentu Game Engine

A slim, powerful, platform agnostic and easy to learn 2D game engine.

Many game engines out there that enable designers to build 2D games. But there are not many that can confidently say games built with them can be played on nearly everything. From a Raspberry PI Zero, to a PS2, or a super high-end Desktop.

Xentu focuses heavily on an easy to learn, but tightly controlled API, which is accessible from Lua scripts, and a custom content pipeline. This level of control, gives some key benefits:

  • There is no need to compile games when building, just tweak your Lua scripts, and press play!
  • The API is rigid, which makes it very easy to port the engine, whilst the Lua stays the same.
  • The API is very compact. For example I managed to write Pong in less than 100 lines of Lua including comments and without any art assets.
  • You only need to learn Lua in order to build games, which is accessible to beginners, yet stable enough for larger projects.

With a comprehensive implementation of Tiled file format, the engine is ideally targeted towards building games like platformers, tile map based RPG’s, and visual novels.

Follow the project

The project has it’s own website here: http://xentu.net/ make sure to check it out!