Day 2 Updates

Since the launch of the website yesterday, I have been working on finalising important housekeeping jobs. Such things include; settings to make sure layouts works correctly, updating Google Console, tidying up the mobile design, and optimising the caching so that the website doesn’t take forever to load.

One of the big problems I need to address still, is the issue of how to correctly present projects. I know that I wish to present them in easy to read digests and associated article media. However the layout is still giving me a few problems. I think for now I am going to build a header widget, that displays the progress and offsite links before the page body. Also I have found a light-box called FooBox that looks promising.

However now that the basic house keeping is out the way, I am going to start working on filling in the obvious gaps that you may have already noticed. These include; going through my repo’s for the projects that I’ve highlighted, and setting up permissions & welcome pages for each of them.

Time to get back to work!