Hello world!

As is traditional when launching a website, here is the og post to start us off! If you would like to find out what this website is for then please visit the About page where I go into detail. If you are here to see what’s cooking, the I recommend visiting the Projects page where a majority of what this site offers is indexed for your browsing convenience.

Over the next few weeks with Christmas etc… I am going to have a fair bit of time to myself, so this is why the site launch is happening. A lot of planning has gone into what I wish to publish, and I have a schedule set-out to keep a nice tempo.

Focus initially is to get two of the tutorials I have drafted up for next week, including finishing of the bio’s for the projects that are currently being worked on. This should make sure that this site has content worth visiting for. On the blog side I am putting in place a rule, you should see a blog post from me on a Thursday afternoon each week, which should make sure the site does not fall into neglect.

Thanks again for stopping by. Feel free to drop a comment to say hello, and if you are new please make sure to add your email to the mailing list on the right (at the bottom on mobile) so that you know when stuff is happening.


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