Installer Builder

A free application designed to speed-up creating installer packages for new software on Windows.

Installer Builder simplifies packaging software using NSIS and other Installer engines. This is more for when you just need to get something out there fast, rather than providing all bells and whistles other engines ship with.

Setup your options once, save it as a profile against your projects solution. Then use it to auto-generate installers using NSIS on the fly.

Here is a screenshot of how the interface appears:

The application is written in C# (.NET 5.0) using the WPF Framework. To download, use the button below:

As the program is very new, you may encounter a security warning as unknown applications are now flagged in Windows. The package has been placed within a ZIP file to mitigate some of the walls Microsoft put up for this sort of thing.

If you prefer, the GitHub repo provides the full source code, and is very easy to download and build yourself.

Installer Builder License

Installer Builder is completely free to use, licensed under the MIT license. For more information click here.

Project Origins

I created this originally as a way to simplify something I was spending far too much time on. I use NSIS heavily for other projects (at home and at my 9to5), so needed a way to automate the job more effectively. The project is still in pre-alpha, but has been so reliable for me over the last few months, that I decided to share it.

I’ll update it as time goes on, as I use this on nearly a daily basis. I hope this comes in use to someone. And if by chance you manage to find a bug, please drop me a line on the contact page, or raise an issue on GitHub and I’ll fix where needed.