Sutori Framework

A system for building linkable chains of multimedia, with the overall goal of powering branching multi-lingual dialog sequences for computer games.

Sequences are written in well-formed easily understood XML documents, and can be used almost anywhere you want. Sutori will have bindings for JavaScript, .NET, Lua, C and Python, with JavaScript being the first publicly available implementation (see below).


The first example of a Sutori implementation is made available via GitHub and NPM. This implementation allows a coder to easily implement Sutori into anything that works with JavaScript like so:

// load in an xml document.
const doc = await SutoriDocument.LoadXml("example1_data.xml");
// create a prompt engine.
const engine = new SutoriEngine(doc);

// handle what happens when the server challenges for a response.
engine.HandleChallenge = function(event) {
   // handler code goes here.

// ask the engine to start prompting for responses.

Sutori Studio

This is an IDE (integrated development environment) that enables you to edit sequence XML files in a more natural conversational way.

Sutori Game Engine

A template for creating visual novels, powered by Neutralino and Cordova.